Campbell Hall Rehabilitation Center





Dear Residents, Family and Friends of Campbell Hall Rehabilitation Center,


We are pleased to share with you some very exciting developments! New York State Department of Health has issued updated nursing home visitation and social interaction guidance lifting some of the restrictions on visits. We have updated our Visitation Guidelines. Please take time to review these.


  • If both the resident and their visitor(s) are fully vaccinated, the resident and visitor(s) are now permitted to visit alone in the resident room (with curtain pulled) or designated visitation space. The resident and visitor may choose to have close contact (including touch) without a mask or face covering.


***Please remember though if you or the resident are unvaccinated (meaning not 2 full weeks post last shot) you are not permitted to unmask at any time and visits may not take place in the residents room.


Visitation Guidelines

Please be sure to share this document with your family and friends who plan to visit.

  • Please remember to bring your vaccination cards to your visits or download the Excelsior Pass on your smart phones. You will not be permitted to a resident room without proof of vaccination if your loved one resides in a semi-private room.
  • You are not permitted to walk around the halls or common areas with your loved one, bring them, or join them in the dining room or group activities. As we are trying to afford residents maximum freedom to visit around the facility and resume participation in activities, we want to minimize the amount of time you (as visitors) are in our halls and in close proximity with other residents.
  • Remember to pull the curtain in semi-private rooms. Technically, you are only to be engaging with the resident you have signed in to visit.
  • Remember your loved one might be on a textured diet. Check with a nurse before you bring in any food or drink item if their texture is in question for food or liquids.
  • Need help during your visit? Please use your loved ones call light versus walking the halls in search of a staff member.
  • Exercise patience with us around meal times. Although we hope to remain on schedule with all meals, there tends to be natural and unpredictable variation in start and stop times for meal service based on resident needs that arise throughout the service.
  • If anyone in your party is unvaccinated, please make an appointment no less than the day prior to ensure we have a common area for you to visit.
  • Taking your loved one off the property? Please provide 3 days advance notice so we can have your loved one ready and be sure to sign them out in the book upon exit of the lobby, in addition to your normal screen process. Please arrange with the RN manager or receptionist. When you return, please sign them back in. Remember if you loved one is on therapy, achieving their therapy minutes is important prior to leaving the facility for a social outing.

As always, should you have any questions with relation to the visitation program, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!